What is Moon Fruit?

Moon Fruit is a freeze-dried crunchy snack. We make smoothies and then freeze dry them for a super sweet, crunchy treat. You do not need to do anything extra except open the bag and enjoy them. Crunch, Crunch!

What’s freeze-drying?

Freeze drying is the process of extracting all liquid from a product. It’s what gives Moon Fruit its big CRUNCH! Freeze-drying also preserves 97% of a fruit's nutrients which makes it a super healthy snack choice.

Do you use any allergens in your products?

Moon Fruit is free of the top 8 allergens. The ingredient list is short – whole fruit and some gluten free oats. It’s manufactured in a dedicated facility so there’s no risk of cross-contamination.

What’s Moon Fruit made of?

Moon Fruit is made of only 4-5 whole ingredients such as strawberries, apples, bananas and berries. It’s a very clean and simple ingredient list, all foods you should eat! You probably have all of these ingredients in your kitchen (now you just need a freeze dryer). Never any added sugar, additives or colors. And, we can’t say this enough, we only use whole ingredients, not concentrates, juices or pastes. In other words, our ingredient list is whole and clean.

What are dates and oats doing in my Moon Fruit?

Dates and oats are part of the secret of Moon Fruit by adding a kiss of sweetness and the big crunch. You won’t taste them as Moon Fruit is mostly fruit, you really won’t even know they’re there. They work hard in the background to help Moon Fruit stay crunchy, healthy and sweet.

Is Moon Fruit gluten free?

Yes! We use only gluten free oats. And our whole fruit is naturally gluten free.

Are these a good to-go snack?

Yes! Moon Fruit is very easy to take anywhere with you. These are perfect for any on-the-go activity. Think lunchboxes, after school sports, driving snacks and any time your child needs a quick snack to feed their whole body. And, because it’s freeze dried, you can keep a few bags in your car, bag or purse to have for those emergency snacking moments.

How messy are Moon Fruit?

Moon Fruit are NOT messy. As freeze-dried half-moons, Moon Fruit is pretty clean and shouldn’t smudge like a smoothie right out of the blender. No napkins necessary.

What’s the recommended age for Moon Fruit?

Moon Fruit is for children who can chew their foods well and are past the age of choking hazards. They are not melts. School aged kids seem to love them best.




How and when will my order ship?

We do our best to send out your purchase within 1-2 business days so that you should receive your Moon Fruit within 3-5 working days. Sometimes delivery companies can be delayed so we please ask that you wait patiently. If your package hasn’t arrived after 7 days, please get in touch for a resolution.

How do I store my Moon Fruit?

Moon fruit should be stored in a cool, dry place. Once opened, Moon Fruit will remain crunchy for several hours. After that, the moisture in the air will begin to soften the snack (freeze-drying pulls all the moisture out of the product and makes it crunchy). So, once a bag is opened, we suggest you enjoy them fully.

Whose idea was Moon Fruit?

Moon Fruit was the brainchild of Anne and Stephanie, two mom’s who were frustrated with the amount of sugar in their children's snacks. They decided to make something super crunchy, sweet, colorful and healthy… Moon Fruit was born. Anne and Stephanie run the company so it’s a woman owned, small business. They still often core apples, peel bananas and ship your product themselves.

Where is Moon Fruit from?

Moon Fruit is made in our small batch kitchen in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a product made in the USA, we think of everyone in North America as local to us. We hope you do too.