Why We Created Moon Fruit

Why We Created Moon Fruit

Why We Created Moon Fruit

Moon Fruit was developed by two moms who were frustrated at how much sugar there is in kids’ snacks.  They weren’t alone – a recent study shows that 87% of moms agree it’s challenging to find healthy snacks their kids love.

Stephanie and Anne saw a disconnect in the market:

  • Snacks that kids want are loaded with sugar and preservatives. They’re colorful and come in fun shapes. And these snacks are branded to kids!
  • Snacks parents want for their kids are typically brownish and not so fun – but they’re healthier!
  • Snacks that everyone could agree on were homemade – but as working moms, these treats were reserved for special occasions.


                  Snacks Kids Want                   Snacks Parents Want

A little sleuthing in the snacking aisle drove home just how unhealthy snacks can be.  For reference, the American Heart Association recommends that kids have no more than 25 grams of sugar in a day.  One little bag of Annie’s is almost half of that!  (it does not matter at all if the sugar is organic!)


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Contains Whole Fruit






And finding real fruit in a fruit snack – impossible! 

From this frustration came a challenge:

Was it possible to make a healthy snack that kids love?

Stephanie and Anne realized that the perfect snack must be three things – these three things are fondly referred to as the Parental Trifecta of Snacking.

It took a year of trial and error – testing countless ingredients (nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables) and preparation methods (baking, drying, freezing, freeze-drying) but Stephanie and Anne cracked the code and created Moon Fruit.

Moon Fruit meets the challenge of the Parental Trifecta! It’s loved by kids, approved by parents and so convenient! 

We introduced Moon Fruit in 2021 and have been growing ever since!