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Sweet Taste & Clean Ingredients

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Real Fruit (Really!)

  • Delicious smoothie flavors
  • BIG crunch in each bite
  •  4-5 whole ingredients 
  • No added sugar

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Moon Fruit Vs Others

Black Forest

  • 16g Added Sugar
  • 23 Ingredients Used
  • NO Real Fruit

Black Forest

  • NO Added Sugar
  • ONLY 4-5 Ingredients
  • Real Whole Fruit


  • 19g Added Sugar
  • 17 Ingredients Used
  • NO Real Fruit

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My Kids Can’t Get Enough!

Delicious, crunchy treats. Low calorie and made with simple ingredients. A quote from by boys - “You gotta try this Moon Fruit, it's super good, it's like candy."


My kids (and all their friends) are LOVING them! And I’m loving the ingredients! Win win!

Emi R., Newport Beach, CA

Oh yeah...they loved the taste and texture aa well. And while we bought it for the kids the adults were spotted making off with bags as well.